Can I use an independent chamber service company like Baro-Serv?

Yes! It’s your choice who services the HBOT chambers at your facility. There is no requirement mandating service from the manufacturer, and all BARO-SERV procedures meet or exceed manufacturers recommendations and industry guidelines.

Approved Chamber Cleaning Products

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Chamber Lubricant Information

Lubricants must be suitable for use in oxygen rich enviornments. The ASME includes the following lubricants listed in PVHO-2-2012:
DuPont Krytox GPL 204 Grease
Christo-Lube Oxygen Grease
Halocarbon 25-55 Inert Grease

ASME PVHO-2 Window Maintenance Information

A maintenance window inspection is required by ASME PVHO-2 to ensure the continued safe operation of the window (acrylic cylinder) based on operating conditions, age, and cycles. User Roles & Responsibilities such as procedures, records, and operational window inspections, as well as when an MWI by a certified inspector is needed, can be found in this resource provided by UHMS. Find that additional information here.

How To Check Chamber Ground

Chambers should be physically grounded to the buildings electrical utility. The ground used must be common to the chambers electrical supply. The ground is provided between the chamber and utility through a low resistance pathway, which must measure 1.0 Ω (ohm) of resistance or less when tested.

How Should The Hyperbaric Chamber Be Stored Overnight?

  • Close chamber door (bed may be stored inside the chamber or outside atop the gurney)
  • Ensure set pressure dial is set to 0 psig
  • Shut off master valves and / or "on/off" switch
  • Shut off gas supply to chamber and / or zone valve to the chamber room
  • Cover chambers with a clean, soft, 100% cotton sheet or cover
  • Note that "bleeding down" is not required on the Monoplace chamber.

Do I need To Powder My Door Seal?

This depends on the material the door seal is made up of. Silicone rubber seals, commonly found on Sechrist™ brand chambers, do not require powdering. Seals made of other rubber materials, like those found on Perry™ chambers should be powdered only “as necessary” to prevent it from “sticking” to the door when opening / closing. A buildup of excess powder can result in air escaping past the door seal when the chamber is under pressure.

How often should my chamber be serviced?

Operational Service – User Responsibility
  • Daily Checks & Service
  • Weekly Checks & Service
  • Monthly Checks & Service
  • Semi-Annual Performance Verification

Maintenance Service – Hyperbaric Chamber Service Technician

  • Preventative Maintenance Service - Annually
  • Repair Services - As Required
  • Maintenance Window Inspections - When Applicable