Modern HBOT chambers offer reliable and dependable operation from day to day when serviced at recommended intervals and preventative maintenance is proficiently completed. However, like any sophisticated piece of equipment, occasionally repairs are required to rectify a malfunction, component failure, or tuning issue.
We understand the need to respond quickly when our clients are in need, but because not everything is an emergency, we offer repairs at three service levels:

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Equipment Repairs

Regular Service

Serviced at our discretion, to coincide with present service schedule. Usual response time 1-2 weeks. For lower priority concerns not requiring an immediate service call.

Urgent Service

For issues requiring more expedited service, our urgent repair service carries a usual response time of about 7 business days.

Emergency Service

For pressing matters of immediate concern, including out of service chambers or chambers in unsafe working order, our Emergency Service carries a usual response time of approximately 24-48 hours.

All repairs are backed by our exclusive 90 day guarantee on parts and labor, as well as access to our technical support telephone & e-mail hotline.

Contact us today to discuss all the service options available to you. 

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